Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Golden Ticket
A single Golden Ticket is awarded at each annual Christmas Conference; 2008, 2009, 2010 and possibly at a subsequent mission reunion to those in attendance.
A prize for each of the Golden Ticket holders will be announced at the mission reunion on or about October 10, 2020; "10-10-20." For a Golden Ticket to remain valid the holder must have served his/her mission honorably and he/she must contact President Hale by email, telephone or otherwise within one week (either before or after) of General Conference each April through the award date. The prize may be dinner, overnight lodging at Motel 6 in Provo, Utah, a mission T-shirt or whatever President Hale determines. Golden Tickets may be transferred to other qualifying individuals but have no value until October 10, 2020. If the Golden Ticket is lost, it will not be replaced. If it's not validated annually, it's no longer golden. Guidelines may be modified by President Hale at anytime. It's his game. And that's the story of the Golden Ticket! Congratulations to Sister Crane!!