Saturday, February 26, 2011

Specialized Training

... for New Missionaries and their Trainers.
Sisters Edwards, Ramey, Pack, Zitting, Hale, Vance and Barnes
Elders Barrett, Reidhead, Robinson, Sepulveda, Owens, Badillo,
Bacon, Castillo, Langford, Stubbs, Cotterell, Furch, Rodriguez and Dent.
Sisters Vance and Pack

Back from Lunch ...

President Hale and his assistants; Elders Bacon and Robinson

Sisters Ramey, Edwards, Barnes and Zitting

"Real Playing"
Sister Edwards, Elders Dent and Rodriguez

Elder Castillo, Sister Vance and Elder Sepulveda

Sister Zitting and Elder Badillo

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mission Tour; Elder & Sister Golden

Spencer, Sister Hale, Katherine, President Hale
Cameron, Elder and Sister Golden
Southern Zones

Northern Zones

Central Zones

President and Sister Brown, President and Sister Hale, Elder
and Sister Golden, President and Sister Benzion, President and
Sister Current (President and Sister Bartholomew departed earlier).
The finest Stake Presidents in all the land!

New Mission President Called ...

The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has called Donald E. Anderson and his wife Janet Lee Anderson to serve as the mission president and wife of the Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission. They will be begin their service on or about July 1, 2011.

Donald E. Anderson, 51, and Janet Lee Gietz Anderson, four children, El Paso 4th Ward, El Paso Texas Stake. Brother Anderson serves as stake president and is a former bishop, stake young men's president, high councilor, ward young men's president and missionary in the New Zealand Auckland mission. He is a retired vice president and chief financial officer for Stagecoach Trucking. Born in El Paso, Texas to Forrest L. and Dorothy Freestone Anderson.

Sister Anderson is a counselor in the ward relief society presidency and a former counselor in the stake young women's presidency, ward young women's president and ward relief society president. Born in El Paso, Texas to Frederick and Alice White Gietz.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Specialized Training; Sisters

Specialized Training for our Sisters provides an opportunity
to lift and inspire to the special needs and concerns these
outstanding missionaries.

Sisters Lima, Hebdon, Boyd, Guzman and Hopkins

Sisters Edwards, Briggs, Despain and Mills

Sisters Zitting, Hogge and President Hale
President Hale presented all of the Sisters with a
single red rose. Happy Valentines Day to all!

Sister's Training

Conducting Sister Vance, Speakers; Sisters Hale
Sister Delia Alston (President Hale's Sister), Sister Nola
Hale and Sister Christine Hale (President Hale's
sister-in-laws. Excellent instruction!!

We are all enlisted ...

As Sisters in Zion we all work together!

Sisters Zitting, Richardson and President Hale

(L-R) Sisters Hebdon, Hopkins, Lima, Briggs, Mills
Pack, Vance and President Hale

Sisters Briggs and Hale

Sisters May, Ramey and President Hale

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Area and Companionship Assignments

Returning with Honor ...

(L-R) Front Row; Elder and Sister Hogge, President and Sister Hale
Second Row; Elders Barrington, Mendenhall, Sister Lealoagata, Elder
Kimani, Sister Gardner, Elder McLaughlin, Sister Denson, Elder Jones
Sister Low, Elder Cook, Sister Miller, Stairs; Elders Lowder, Alvarado
Scoville, Dube and Zubia - Our Finishers!
Until We Meet Again!

Onward and Upward!

New Arrivals ...

Elders Gubernick, Robinson, Bacon, Sister Hale, President Hale
Sister Edwards, Elder Castillo, Sister Barnes, Elder Stubbs, Sister
Pack, Elder Reidhead, Elders Owens, Badillo and Rodriguez

Elder Stubbs

Sisters Pack, Barnes and Edwards

President Hale, David Hale, Delia (Hale) Alston and Thomas Hale

Elder Rodriguez

Elders Badillo and Rodriguez

Elder Owens

Here they are!

Zone Leader Council

President Hale's siblings; David and Christine Hale (Kaysville, UT), Tom and
Nola Hale (Gilbert, AZ) and John and Delia Alston (Mesa, AZ) joined us for
Zone Leader Council. They together with President and Sister Hale
provided leadership training, shared inspirational stories and life's
experiences. An afternoon with the Hale Family was most memorable!

Sister Nola Hale, Elder Farnsworth and Brother Tom Hale

Elders Dent and Jones

Elders Gubernick, Garrett, Munns and Farnsworth