Sunday, January 30, 2011

Personal Priesthood Interviews

This round of Priesthood Interviews has been very enjoyable as we've
continued to visit each of the missionary apartments. All but three of
the apartments throughout the mission have been upgraded in the
last 30 months. We're "Livin' the Dream" in South Florida with the
greatest generation of missionaries the world has ever known!
Elders Kennington, Giorgino, Stott and Valderrama

Sisters Lima, Mills, Hendrix and Bloomfield
Elder Alger, Stevens, Mendenhall and Lowder

Elders Dewitt, Olson, Scott and Johnson

Elders Langford, Larsen, Furch and Weese

Sisters Vance and Richardson

Elders Dube, Alvarado, Nielsen and Ball

Elders Garrett and McLaughlin

Elders Dent, Jones, Benson and Bowler

Elders Keeler, Smith, Ostler and Sheely

Elders Barrington and Burrows

Sisters Williams and Lowe

Elders Terry, Clark, Ensing and Stohlton

Elders Cotterell and Cathro

Elders Cook, Whipple, Munns and Frederick

Sisters Ramey and Zitting

Elders Moon and Allen

Elders Wright and Seely

Elder and Sister Porter

President and Sister Boggess, Boca Raton, FL
(Former President and Wife of the Africa Nigeria Mission;
called with President and Sister Hale - Two-year Assignment)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Personal Priesthood Interviews

This round of personal priesthood interviews took (is taking) place in each of the individual missionary apartments throughout the mission. Sister Hale was (is) able to join President Hale for each of them. As always Sister Hale added her special touch by baking a small loaf of home-made bread for each missionary.

Interviews now take place quarterly or on an 'as needed' basis with President Hale.

President Hale says that there is nothing finer than visiting the missionary apartments and feeling of their own 'personal sacred groves.' It was and will continue to be a powerful experience.
Sisters May and Despain

Elders Beard, Kimani, Kent, Hall and Farr

Elders Jarvie, Rogers, Kealamakia and Smith

Sisters Nielson and Hebdon

Elders Hardman, Sepulveda, Neely and Lopez

Elders Seamons, Dayberry, Sorenson and Rybin

Elders Swain and Cornwall

Sisters Denson and Lealoagata

Elders Orton, Lamb, Barrett and Hansen

Elders Flores and Jensen

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Missionary Training

Happy 12th Birthday Katherine!
Welcome to "Young Womens"
Sisters Martin, Vance, Hale and Richardson

Elders Johnson, Bacon and Scott

Sister Despain, Elders Martin, Stott and Valderrama

Elders Spencer, Olson, Lewis, Simons and Sister Despain

Lunch Time!